Sunday, June 5, 2011

Babies R Us and Bass Pro Shop - A Tale of Two Stores

If you were wondering, shopping for baby stuff is NOT on the top of my list of things to do ANY day, much less a Saturday, but Hot Mamma promised me a trip to the Bass Pro, so I got conned.....yet again...

Now I normally don't like chastising any companies publicly, but why not....I've got 5 whole followers to this blog, so I'm sure I can make a difference!  ;-)  Hot Momma and I had been putting off getting an extra car seat base for my truck simply because we always go in Hot Mamma's ride...but we've been moving the base over to my truck a couple times recently so we decided to get it!  I researched online for the base and Babies R Us had one in stock, AND I found a 20% off coupon from Babies R Us that said, "For baby gear, including, car seats, bassinets, strollers, etc etc." Sweet! Hot Momma loves a good deal. So we go get our base (for the car seat) and take it up to the register and the clerk said, "Sir, I'm sorry, this coupon won't work for the base."  I looked at her funny and said, "Why not?"  She said, "It's not a baby gear item."  I said, "Car seats are specifically on the list."  Her response is great...ready?  "Sir, this is completely separate from a car seat and it's not a car seat."  Seriously?  I kinda stood there looking at her for a bit and I think I actually said, "Seriously?"  I know I did say, "Isn't this splitting hairs?"  I turned and looked behind us and there was 4 people standing in line so I opted out of, "get me a manager".  I wished I would have thought to ask, "So, if I go buy the car seat that has the base in the box, would I get 20% off?" I"m pretty sure that answer would have been yes! grrrrr  The knockout punch was when she gave us the receipt she also gave us...are you ready for this... a 20% off coupon for ANYTHING in the store good for the next week!!!  Seriously?

So that was the first stop on our Saturday excursion.  On Sunday, we went to visit one of Junior's new girlfriends...a cutie pie baby girl of some friends of ours.  We told them about our Babies R Us misadventure and I must say, this other momma had an even better story to tell.  She said,  "You know that 10% off coupon for all items remaining on your baby registry they send you?  Well, I went to pick up several things on the registry and went to check out and the clerk told me that I had to buy ALL of the remaining items on the registry to get the 10% off!"  HA!  I am starting to see how this company does business!  She then tells us she calls Babies R Us to complain and ask about it and they simply told her, "no you don't have to buy all to get the 10% off" but they didn't offer to remedy the fact that she bought the stuff and didn't get the discount!  Well, at least they're consistent. 

So, Big Daddy and Hot Mamma will NOT be buying anything from there....ever.

Next stop on our Saturday excursion was to my personal favorite, Bass Pro Shops!  Woohoo!  From hunting to fishing to clothes and even some camo kinda store!  ;-)  Hot Mamma and I had talked about getting a gun safe when we had Junior for obvious reasons and BPS had them on sale until Father's Day, so we decided to take advantage of it!  Got to the store and they had exactly the one we wanted in stock, the floor model and one more still boxed up, so I said, "we'll take it!"  Paid for it and drove around to the side to pick it up.  The sales guy meets me at the door and says, "hey man, I'm sorry, we didn't have the one in the stock room, do you want the floor model?"  I said, "sure".  It was in good shape from my brief memory of looking at it in the store.  I go to tell Hot Mamma and she immediately says, "floor model discount!"  HA!  I never even thought about that....She's definitely the brains of our family operation.

Here's the overwhelming difference between the Babies R Us and the Bass Pro service...They brought the floor model down and I asked the sales guy, "So, you gonna give me a floor discount on this one?  Looks like its get a few scratches."  The stock guy said, "I can call a manager down here for ya, you want me to do that?"  I said,"Sure".  Within minutes a manager was down there and I asked him about a floor discount and showed him the scratches and he said, "How bout 10%?"  Done!  Loaded it up and walked back inside and they put 10% back on the card.....maybe Babies R Us could get a few tips from the Bass Pro guys.

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