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Friday, February 11, 2011

In the Beginning

I just wanted to start a diary of sorts, about my experiences with having a baby!  So you should check back and definitely keep up with us....I'm POSITIVE that you'll enjoy the journey with me.  On a side note, any English teachers out there better not grade me on my writing, it ain't gonna be purrfect!

In the Beginning,
My awesome wife, who I'll refer to as "Hot Mama", really kinda conned me into this baby thing.  Yeah yeah, we were planning on having a baby, but little did I know that it would only take 2 weeks to get pregnant!  Hot Mama, after dislocating my arm by twisting it so much finally convinced me to start trying to get pregnant.  She did this by telling me that it may take 4-8 months to achieve this...well 2 weeks after taking the goalie away she wakes me up one morning with one to them thermometer looking things and had this big smile on her face and said, "I couldn't wait!!!"  So I hugged her and said, "Well that wasn't 8 months" and rolled back over and fell asleep thinking it was just a dream....Conned I tell you!! 

I really didn't think it was real until we went for that first ultrasound where they look like an alien, and that little heartbeat was pounding away.  I remember saying, "Well this really is real eh?"  The nurse kinda looked at me funny and Hot Mama said, "uhhh yeah".  HA!  I immediately thought to myself, "My whole world is going to change."  And boy, I wished I had a nickel every time someone told me that!  Me: "We're having a baby!" Response: "You're world is gonna change!" 

It's almost like those automatic responses we give, if you know what I mean?  Can I help you? "Nah, just lookin'"  How are you doing today? "Fine, and you?"  I'm having a baby!  "You're world is gonna change!"  Speaking of my world changing, its confession time, and yes I'm being honest...2 things I have NEVER done: 1. hold a baby (I refused) and 2. clean a diaper.  Just those two things right there have me sweaty palmed...specially after my good buddy Jason was telling me about his babies first diaper change.  He told there ain't no class that can prepare you for that funk!  I guess I'll find out pretty soon! 

SO...Hot Mama is awesome (even if she did con me) and I'm as ready and excited as I can be for the blessing of our baby.  I can't say "I can't wait", but I am ready to meet the future Major League Baseball pressure son.

Future posts to come and these are my stories....


  1. Jess, I can't wait to enjoy following your blog! If this first entry is anything close to what is to come, it will be hi.lar.i.ous! Tell "Hot Mama" to keep up the good work! Y'all will do great!

  2. Funny stuff, Jess! I'm in. Keep us posted. We need video of your first diaper change. Never had a newborn myself, but I hear tell those are some FUN diapers! And beware, that son of yours may not be done emptyin' that bladder.

  3. This is awesome!! You will be fine.... the holding part will be natural and that in itself will change your life. As for the diapers..Mike has cut several outfits off to avoid the "funk" so just keep some blunt scissors handy for those diaper changes. And please, please keep this going!

  4. O.K. I will keep follow your musings with interest.