Sunday, October 30, 2011

Baby food is not so simple....for a daddy

One of the things Hot Mamma and I used to look forward to is Friday night Date Night!  We would go out to eat, usually Mexican, and then go grocery shopping and get our groceries for the week.  Now that Junior has arrived, our Friday night Date Night has become basically nonexistent, and I usually go to the grocery store while Hot Momma stays home and takes care of Junior.  The problem with this is Hot Mamma assumed I knew what I was doing in buying baby food!  Ok, those of you that don't know (I sure didn't) there are 1st foods, 2nd foods and 3rd foods.  I had no idea there was such a thing! Now I'm always looking for the cheaper way out and I happen to notice that in the baby food aisle there was basically the same food, but in bigger containers, and for the same price!  Heck, that's a no the one with the more food, for the same price, right? So....I never payed any attention to the little bitty teeny weeny "1st" or "2nd" foods on the corner of the box....I was paying attention to green beans, peaches, squash, etc. Yeah, I get home and got coached up on that......apparently it's a portion size/thickness thing.  Hot Mamma now knows that she needs to coach me up BEFORE I go to the grocery store....I do want to take a moment and fess up about one trip to the grocery store....Hot Mamma usually makes out the list and I go by that list....I get back from a trip and here's the conversation:  Hot Mamma, "Honey, where's the baby food?"  Me: "What baby food?"  HM: "You really didn't get any baby food?"  Me: "It wasn't on the list!?"  HM: "Honey, seriously, is that something I NEED to put on the list?"  Me: (knowing I had no out)  "Well, wasn't on the list...."  Yeah...that happened....guess who went back to the grocery store?

Anyways, so if I thought getting Junior's food was an adventure, actually feeding him is when the real fun begins.  It's amazing how Junior will sometimes eat up his solid food and sometimes we get more on his face than in his mouth. We pretty much can't get him on an eating schedule, he'll eat great sometimes and sometimes he'll close them lips together so tight where you'd need the jaws of life to open his mouth up! HA! I love that little stinker though, even if he is a little frustrating on the eating part.

Side note here....I was telling my dad about going to the grocery store.  He didn't believe that I did actually go to the grocery store, so he says, "You're kidding me right?"  "Naw, dad, I go."  Dad: "I'm not sure I'd be telling anyone that!"  HA....he was also shocked that I was in the room during delivery.  How times have changed huh? 

Sometimes I think that Hot Mamma intentionally puts something funky on the list so I have to search and search and search for it (because you know I won't ask unless I've become exhausted in looking).  One night recently I was on the soup aisle looking for the lipton onion soup mix and it was NOWHERE to be found....I was starting to believe that Wal-Mart doesn't carry Lipton Onion soup mix!  So, I called Hot Mamma and asked, "Where is the Lipton onion soup mix?"   "On the soup aisle," she said.  Gee....thanks for that honey...I've only been walking up and down the soup aisle for 10 minutes looking for this!  So, a lady that was on the same aisle heard my conversation and was laughing at me and she also said it should be on this aisle....we both looked again with a fine toothed lipton onion soup solution, it ain't here!  10 minutes later, that same lady found me and took me back to it....guess what?  It was on the soup aisle.

Hot Mamma had Lysol on the list one night, and I swear it was sold out.  To this day she doesn't believe me on that one!

In addition to 1st, 2nd and 3rd foods....let me tell you about Gerber's "easy pour" system on their baby cereal boxes....HA....that couldn't be any further from the truth!  I mean, seeing a box that says, "easy pour" should give you the confidence that its actually easy to pour, right?  Yeah....not so much!  For those of you that don't know what I'm talking about, this box has its own little pouring tab that you pull down at the top and side of the box.  So here's how it works....have you ever had a glass of iced tea and it's down to the last sip and you slam back your glass to get that last drink.....then all the ice falls and slams down on your face?  Yeah, the cereal box works the same try to get the "easy pour" going and sometimes it will come on out easily, but other times half the box will decide to come on out all at once.  One tip....don't try to pour into a tablespoon measuring spoon, the cereal will go everywhere....literally, everywhere.  I've recently just had to wing it by pouring directly into the bowl....and due to the "easy pour" system, some of Junior's breakfasts and dinners are a little...shall I say, thicker than others.  I am wondering how the older boxes poured if they weren't "easy pour?"
I'm glad Hot Mamma does most of the mixing and pouring because Big Daddy has gotten close to throwing the "easy pour" box in the trash!

So, here's what we need....we need a baby cereal box that actually IS easy to friggin pour.  We also need a cell phone app that you can type what you are looking for in the grocery store and then, tells you where it is!  I hear that new iphone 4GS has that new SIRI program that answers a lot of questions....maybe it will help us locate items in the grocery store one of these days?