Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Long awaited update

Well, I have to start off by apologizing to my faithful followers....all 8 of y'all....that I haven't posted in quite some time.  To get back in the swing of things, and since SOOOOOoooo much has gone on, I wanted to just share a few of my favorite stories that have happened at various times.

On our last trip up to Arkansas, Hot Mamma, Junior and I were visiting some friends and eating at probably the most famous pizza joint west of the Mississip....Larry's Pizza!  Hot Mamma's friends are always picking on me about moving to Ark (where Hot Mamma is from) and they even gave Junior a t-shirt with the school name on it where Hot Mamma used to work.  They have lots of fun with me and that's OK, I love 'em all!  Even if they don't wear shoes anywhere but to go outside to potty....
;-)  So, after enjoying eating double my weight in pizza (this place is wonderful), I head over to sit by Junior and Hot Mamma and I started smelling that smell...oh yeah, the poopy diaper smell.  So, ya know, sometimes they are just "tooty toots" and stink a little, so I decided to stick my finger in the back of his diaper and pull it out to check.  Yeah...so I didn't even have to look because the sight on my finger told it all....I guess it happens to all parents right?  Uuuggghhhhh....being the awesome husband I am ;-), I let Hot Mamma continue to visit while I changed the diaper.  I ended up going outside to the car because there was nowhere to lay Junior down in the bathroom.  I get out to the car and start wrestling Junior to get him undressed and he just won't stop rolling over and twisting....I finally get his butt all clean and he stands up in the back seat and is holding himself up on the seat.  Thank God for leather seats and thank God for that new t-shirt Junior got!  He looked at me and started giggling.....and peed all over the back seat and on that new t-shirt he got.  HA  I figured, well, he's peed on it already, so I used the shirt to wipe up the rest of the pee before I used the wipes.  What a proper fate for this new t-shirt!  ;-)

In previous posts, I have mentioned going to the grocery store while Hot Mamma is taking care of Junior....and no, I don't carry a man purse...it's a satchel.  ;-)  On one of the most memorable Friday nights to Wal-Mart, Hot Mamma had me going to the make-up section to get her some make-up.  She showed me exactly what to get and the color and everything....no problem.....until I get to that aisle....There were about 7 women on that aisle, aaaaaannnnnd.....ME...of course they weren't going to let me by without speaking, so the first lady (insert sassy voice here), "Hey honey.... need me to help ya pick out yore cuuuula?"  Me, "haha, no ma'am, my wife told me exactly what to get, but thanks!"  The next lady, "Ohhhh he's out buying make-up for his wife!"....The next lady starts singing that Salt n Pepa song 'What a man what a man what a man, what a mighty good man."  2 other ladies hit the chorus, "Mighty mighty good man".  By this time I have finally found the item I needed to get and proceeded to walk around to the next aisle laughing a little thinking....this has GOT to go in my blog!  One of the ladies, "My goodness, yall shouldn't have done that....embarrassed that boy like that."  That boy?  That boyyyy?  hmmmm, since they could still hear me, I decided to speak up and get the last word in...."Yall ain't embarrassing me, I've bought worse things than makeup!"

I'd like to counsel all  y'all out there that are dating to add this question to your dating repertoire..."How well did you sleep as a baby?"  This is THE most important question you can ask your honey before you get married.  Take Hot Momma for instance...We recently found out that she didn't sleep that well as a baby.  Matter fact, her dad told her recently that he sometimes put whiskey on her gums!  HA!  Hot Mamma said, "Daddy!  You never told me you did that!"  He replied, "Ya gotta do what you gotta do..."  So, it seems like Hot Mamma is getting payback for being such a bad sleeper as a baby....and guess who is reaping those "rewards" with her?  Yeah...Big Daddy!  So, all you dating foke out there...ask that question!  You'll be glad you did....

I've had so much fun with Junior so far!  He's a hugger and loves to give you sugar...meaning put his lips on your cheek and blow!  HA   He has learned to say "Ma ma"...first word and also "uh oh" and even "ball"...every now and then he'll say "da da" or "da doo", but its rare.....I have seen him say "ma ma" over and over for several minutes....so we know who his favorite is!  But that's OK, cuz Hot Mamma ain't gonna take him fishin'!  ;-)  Today is his 11 month birthday and he's already walking!  We had tubes put in about a month ago and that has totally helped with his sleeping and ear infections.  We are very blessed to have such a great baby and his natural progression of things is coming along very good...I'm a proud daddy.  I'm gonna try and do better on my bloggin'...time goes by so fast!


  1. It seems that your follower would be very happy to know about the Long awaited update of your website. I think that many people are interested to know more about you. I also like to know about you.

  2. Well, ya gotta wear shoes when ya head to the hole out yonder cuz ya just don't know what kinda critters might be a lolly-gaggin' around out there! And who wants to do their business with bare toes wiggling in front of said critters. Shoot, ever'body knows that.

  3. Thanks Kevin, maybe I'll get off my butt and write more often! ;-) MHobbs...we don't worry about the "lolly-gaggin'" critters here....we just go without the shoes! ;-)