Monday, June 20, 2011

First Fathers Day!

Wow, I would have never thought how much it means to be a daddy on Father's Day!  Junior woke up 3 times last night so we didn't make it to our church so I could get my Hershey bar, but hey, Big Daddy didn't need it anyways....we did get to go to my dad's church though, which was his request for a Father's Day gift...thing is, he knew we'd bring Junior and truth be known, my pop probably didn't care so much me being there as Junior...but that's OK!  He's a proud Paw paw!

In light of it being fathers day, I thought it would be appropriate for me to give my top 5 reasons for being a daddy so far and top 5 ways to know there is a baby in the here goes!

Top 5 being a daddy:

5.  I've got a good excuse for not doing the housework....playing golf, or going fishing were never good excuses, even though I used em, but now..."honey, I need to spend some time and play with the baby"  (Hot Mamma thinks that's sweet I want to spend time with him...well, until she reads this blog anyways... ;-)

4.  I have so much fun just watching him move around and's amazing to watch him change almost daily!  My favorite thing is when he tooty toots.....several times in a row, and then gets this cheesy grin on his face...can't help but stick out my chest a little when he does that!  ;-)

3.  Having a conversation with him...I can sometimes just talk to him about anything and he'll coo and slurrr and gurgle back at me....sometimes for 10 minutes or more at a time....his favorite is when I tell him about the state record bass that I haven't caught yet...

2.  Playing with him....he is such a happy baby and loves to use his hands and feet (mostly feet) to play with his toy thingies.  That stinker can't crawl yet, but he is doing an awesome job just standing up. (We'll hold him up for support, but he will pretty much support himself with some ziggin' and some zaggin'.)  I'm predicting he'll skip crawling and go right into walking....hmmmm, maybe?

1.  Seeing him look up at me in the eyes and just start grinnin' from ear to ear....that's the best thing ever!  Big Daddy is a proud Poppa!

Top 5 ways to know a baby is in the house:

5.  There's stuffed animals or toys handy in EVERY room in the house. 

4.  My mom calls and asks, "How's my baby?"  And she ain't talking about me.  The first time she called and asked me that, I said, "I'm good, what you up to?"  She laughed and said, "You're not the baby anymore, and I'm glad your OK, but how's my new baby?"  HA

3.  Hot Mamma and I have discussions about which diaper cream smells the best?  Seriously....I'm talking in depth convo's.  "Hey Honey, this Boodreaux's Butt Paste sure does have a pleasing smell to it, do you like it better than the A&D or Desitin?"  My reply, "Boodreaux's has definitely got the coolest name, but I'm addicted to the A&D Ointment smell."

2.  Whenever you bump into something you hear electronic classical music going off.  I know that the classical music helps a baby's brain develop, but have they done any studies on what it does to the parents???  Junior will be asleep in the other room and Hot Mamma will hit one of them things a couple times accidentally...Me, with my police impersonation, "Ma'am, put your hands on your head and back away from the toy."

And the Number 1 reason  you know there is a baby in the house IS.....On a daily basis, me and Hot Mamma will talk about the quantity, color, and consistency of the baby's poop.  We have gotten to the point of whoever changes the diaper will hold up a certain amount of fingers representing how many wipes we used to clean the poopy we rate how big the poop was by the number of wipes....1 wipe is a skid mark or small poop, 2 wipes is a goodun' and 3+ wipes is a all out blowout.  So far only once has Hot Mamma had to bathe him after a poop. 

One thing that is truly amazing to me is color.....If Hot Mamma drinks or eats anything purple (grape juice for example), and she's feeding him white milk, and he poops it out green....wrap that one around your noggin' and explain to me how that works?

When I told my dad (Paw paw) about the daily poop conversation, he laughed and said you will have the same conversation when you're 65 too....ahhhh the circle of DO still have that Long Term Care policy, right dad?  One butt is enough to wipe....

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