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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The "baby" mile

It really amazes me how Junior can be so peaceful and happy and in the blink of an eye, BAM, crying and fussy.  I mean, I have even seen a smile turn into an all out screaming cry before!  What in the world happened in .1 seconds that made him so fussy?  I wished I could remember what made me do that when I was a baby.  I definitely can't complain, however, because he's a GREAT kid!  His crying is almost always because of a few things....hungry, sleepy, dirty diaper, or gassy. 

I gotta tell you, he made me laugh out loud this morning, HA!  First thing this morning he started getting a little fussy and grunting a bit, so I scooped him up and got his bottle out to feed him.  I'm sitting with my legs crossed and have him laid on his back with his head on my knee.  He spit that bottle out telling me he didn't want it and just stared at me with this serious look on his face.  After a few seconds I hear this massive blowout of a toot/poop.  Perfect timing....a couple seconds later my boy just griiiiinnnns and kackles a bit!  BAAAHAHAHA  Awesome...THEN, he does it again!  He calms down...stares at me with a serious face and then...tooooot!!.....slight pause and a huge grin!  Gotta love starting the morning out that way!  HA!

Junior is now only 10 weeks old and has already started learning the power of manipulation.  When it's time for nap or bedtime, we'll go lay him down in his bed and he does what all baby's do...he'll cry because he wants us to hold him, or he's not ready for bed.  I'll go in there to try to calm him down, or put his passy in his mouth, sooth him, whatever and when I walk in the room and lean over the crib, that's when he works his magic!  As soon as I lean over to sooth him, he sees me and stops crying and immediately puts on that smile!  WOW, I'm thinking, this kid is impressive!  "Junior, I'm not gonna pick you up, no matter how much you smile at daddy."  He cooos...translation, "Yes you will".  So I put the passy in his mouth and walk back away, and the crying starts again....I go back in and lean over the crib, and yes, the crying stops and the smiles come back with a bigger cooo, translation, "Thanks for coming back pick me up and walk me."  Me, "'re not gonna get me to pick you up, its bedtime...go to sleep."  I walk away again and a few minutes later, the crying starts yet again.  I walk in there the third time and this time when I lean over the bed he doesn't stop crying and he's staring me in the face with a furrowed brow and a look that translates into, "Why haven't you picked me up, you are so mean to me and I can't trust you!"  Me...yep, I pick him up and instantly he stops crying and gives out one last stabbing cooo....translation, "Finally!  What's a kid gotta do to go to sleep the way I WANT TO!" 

So, now starts the "baby" see, Hot Mamma can rock him to sleep, but Big Daddy can't, I've got to walk him to get him to stop fussing.  So, those of you familiar with my house....I've got a track.  Starting at the kitchen bar, pass the lamp in the living room, around the couch, into the dining room, back into the kitchen and around the lap.  I've got the Nike + thingy that you pair with your ipod that calculates time and distance for walkers and runners, so I have calculated that 4.5 laps equals .01 miles which means, if accurate, approximately 450 laps is one mile.  Obviously it doesn't take a "mile" to get him to fall asleep, but I have no doubts that I have walked a couple of miles already...and I'm guessing that little stinker will get me to walk him some more "baby" miles in the future.  It's not so least he stops crying and goes to sleep that way, and I get a little win right?

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