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Saturday, May 14, 2011

What I think about snaps

Here's to you Mr. "lets put snaps the size of a nerd candy on baby clothes maker"  Since velcro wasn't good enough, you decided to invent a "simpler" way to put on baby clothes.  Thanks to your ingenious invention, new mommy's all over the world are watching and giggling as the new daddy who's never changed a diaper, struggle to unsnap and resnap these snappadiculous buttons.  So punch open a nice cold capri-sun, have a baby, and see how you like unsnapping and snapping these buttons at 4 am. Mr. "lets put snaps the size of a nerd candy on baby clothes maker."

For REAL, I stand by my statement...GOWNS (without snaps) are THE way to go.  Hot Mamma put Junior in one of these pajamas the other night...12 snaps...TWELVE snaps!  So at 4 am, I'm up changing the diaper the second time for the night in these snapdiculous pajamas.  I'm basically getting so frustrated and durn near starting to curse Mr. snap maker mentioned above.  I look over at Hot Mamma in the bed and she's not making a sound, but I see her shaking a little, trying to constrain her laughter, so I said, "Honey, really?  12 snaps?".  She said, "Well you don't have to unsnap them all to change the diaper."  Me, "Honey, you are RIGHT!  I only have to unsnap 8, then snap them all back, so thats 16 snapadiculous buttons...back to gowns!"

Now I gotta tell you about what my mom would do to me when I was a teen for this next conversation to make sense.  I had this hat that I bought and wore everywhere...everyday...I mean, LOVED this hat!  Yall know what I mean right guys?  Anyways, the hat was beginning to get a little grungy, I admit, but still to this day, it was the best fitting hat I have ever owned.  So one day, I go to put on my hat...can't find it..."Hey mom, wheres my hat?"  "What hat?", she says.  "Oh, I dunno mom, maybe the one I wear EVERYDAY?"  "Haven't seen it," she says.  Come to find out later in life, mom decided she didn't like that hat anymore and tossed it...along with various other hats and t-shirts in my teen years....

Ok, back to current time....several days after the snap conversation.  Hot Mamma, "Hey Honey, where is Juniors cute pajamas with the animals?"  Me, "What pajamas?"  Hot Mamma, "You know, the ones that have the snaps on it?  Me, "Ohhhhh yeah...Haven't seen em."

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