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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Now "hear" this!

Ait, here's the scenario....It's Friday and we are going to head outta town for a three-day weekend.  Junior had been a little lethargic Thursday and after picking him up from the babysitter early Friday before our trip I found out that he hadn't eaten ANYTHING the whole morning at the babysitters.  Then they told me that their kids sometimes would show no symptoms, but have a double ear infection and their ear drums were about to burst!  HA!  That's NOT what you tell a new parent!  What I heard was, "he ain't eatin' and he was not himself, and his ear drums are about to burst, you better go NOW to the Dr!" 

SO Big Daddy makes the executive decision to call the nurse at the Dr's office and long story short, she said, won't hurt to bring him in just in case, so I set an appt at 12:30.  Hot Mamma calls me on the way home from her job and I give her the scoop and say, Dr. Appt at 12:30....he's not dying....actually he shows no signs of anything wrong other than the babysitter said he's probably got a double ear infection and his ears are about to burst!  "Meet ya there," she said.

Ok, Big Daddy ain't no doctor, but I know that when Big Daddy ain't eatin', somethin' ain't right, so obviously I figured the same for father like son...that's totally logical, right?  Look it up on WebMD, I'm sure it's there....

So, we got there and pretty much go right in, no temp, lungs sound good, weight is good, just not eating good....Dr. checks out them ears and.....nothing....she did actually clean out enough ear wax I think I coulda made a candle, but no infection  (that ear wax was absolutely NASSY btw)  Bleh!....The really great part (not) is the Doc was just as bubbly as she usually is, until she found out that Caleb was basically perfect with a little wax in his ears...and then we got the "so you're gonna be one of THOSE parents" look...I think the temperature actually got 10 degrees warmer in there instantly and I felt a neon light flashing on my forehead that said <insert alert alarm sound> "Overprotective Parent ALERT". 

When we go to check out, the clerk says, "Nothing wrong, that's good!"  But I could hear it in her voice and I leaned over to Hot Mamma and whispered, "We're labeled now, we're we need to find another Dr?"  She did have the marital courtesy to wait until we got outside and said, "Honey, just talk to me before you set an appt with the Dr."  She didn't really say that, but I knew she wanted to!  HA  She actually said, "Well, better safe than sorry and we are going out of town."

So we spend the 3-day weekend with Hot Momma's family, and Junior is just as happy and as cute as can be.  Then Tuesday morning comes.  Junior is fussy, and I mean throwing a fit, fussy.  Hot Momma and I go through the checklist: dirty diaper...needs gas drops...hungry?  He eventually calms down and we figure he's just got his schedule messed up after the long weekend so we head off to work and take Junior to the babysitter for the morning.  Then the babysitter calls me about 11:00 and says, "Junior's got 102 fever and rising, come get him!"  This time I let Hot Mamma make the decision to call the doc (just in case ya know).  Turns out Junior had a double ear infection. 

This definitely made me feel better about going to the Doc on Friday...OBVIOUSLY Junior was GETTING sick, but not far enough along to get checked out as believe that, right?  I'm just thankful he's 6 months old (today actually) and he's only been sick once.  Happy 6 month Birthday, squirt!

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