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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Junior's First Birthday

WOW What a day!  First off, Junior was so excited that he was out of the goose egg that he woke up at 5 a.m......and decided to not go back to sleep...After trying to feed him, Hot Momma gave up and brought him to bed with us where he usually goes right back to sleep after a few snuggles....nope....after 10 minutes of tossing and turning and an occasional hysterical giggle, Junior stepped it up a notch and started doing some squealing and whining, which I'd like to translate for you..."It's my birthday and y'all need to wake up, get outta bed, make me some scrambled eggs and play with me until we leave to go take pictures at 8:00."  Let me tell ya, we heard that LOUD and clear!  As I get up I say, "Coffee honey?"  to which I get a big YES! 

We finally get Junior calmed down and he was starting to get tired before the 30 minute trip to the photographer studio for the 1 year pics.  Hot Momma was living up to her name and got me in a suit....yeah, this was some serious photos!  When we get there he gets all sweet and photogenic as usual and we take our family pics first, then, the photographer gets out her for some pics with Junior.  She asked Hot Momma if the bunnies would scare Junior. about a fearless kid....we got one!  The photographer put the 2 bunnies in a basket with a lid and we showed Junior how to open it and he did.  Several times he'd open and close kinda like he was playing peek-a-boo with the bunnies....then, he left the lid open for enough time for them to peek out....he slammed the lid back down on them......yep, time to get them outta that basket!  After that, she put them in an open basket with a handle and Junior started petting on them, pulling their hair and trying to eat it, and then, this was the best one...Junior grabbed one of the bunnies by both ears and lifted it up off the ground......that ended the bunny portion of the session....that poor bunny was crawling away with its back legs shivering it was so traumatized!

To end the session, the photographer had a cupcake with icing for some pics ...what a brilliant idea!  We stripped the kiddo down into nothing but his diaper and sat him down in front of the cupcake.  Of course he immediately shoved his hands in the icing and was playing with it, but he wasn't eating it.  So Hot Momma scooped up a bit of icing to feed him and almost instantly after he ate some, he spit it back out and threw up!  Oh lawd!  He didn't like that icing!  He got sooooo upset and was crying pretty badly and even bent over at the waist and put his face in the icing, which made him even more upset....thus ended the photo session.  We got him cleaned up and headed back to the house and he calmed down.

After work, we had over Pawpaw, Mawmaw D, and GG for the unofficial birthday get together and supper.  Junior had a great time opening up his gifts and ripping up the paper.  He also went around and gave his fair share of sugar!  Now what I mean by this is he'll put his lips on your cheek and's the funniest thing!  Imagine when you put your lips on skin and blow to make that pooting sound....that's what Junior does to your face....for kisses!  ;-)  We'll say, "Give Pawpaw sugar" and he'll pucker up, place them lips on pawpaw's cheek and.....blows....making that pooting sound...we all laugh after he does it....pretty funny!

All in all, even though he ended his photo shoot with an unhappy ending, it was a great first birthday for Junior.....can't wait for the "official" party this Saturday!  Well....except for maybe the part where he eats his cake and icing....<getting nervous about that>.


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